Wicklow Film Festival is back at Mermaid Arts Centre this September

Wicklow Film Festival is back at Mermaid Arts Centre for a weekend of screenings and discussions between September 19th and 21st 2019. Now in its fourth year, this community film festival has gone from strength to strength, engaging local people in the selection of films that explore the transformative effect of cinema.

Originally founded by Wicklow artist Brigid O’Brien, this year’s festival is a collaboration between Mermaid Arts Centre and Noel Mac Aoidh, Head of Film Department at BIFE (Bray Institute of Further Education). The theme for this year’s festival is Turning Points. Six filmmakers will each present a film that affected their lives and that helped fashion their careers.

“Film is frivolous, serious, absurd and combines every emotion that we can experience. A good movie can transport us to a fantastical world or wake us into action in one. We all have a favourite film or story that reminds us of a place or a person we love”. – Noel Mac Aoidh

This festival is about those films, the life-changing, career-changing films that helped shape the journeys of Noel Mac Aoidh, Janna Kemperman, Kate McCoullough, Sal Stapleton, Michael Donnelly and Karla Healion.

Screenings will include BLADE RUNNER:THE FINAL CUT, the definitive final cut of Ridley Scott’s legendary sci-fi classic; PERSEPOLIS, a French-Iranian adult animated film that follows a young girl as she comes of age against the backdrop of the Iranian Revolution; HOOP DREAMS, an intimate portrayal of two inner-city teenagers pursuing their dreams of NBA glory; MARS ATTACKS!, our Culture Night screening featuring flying saucers and an alien invasion in Tim Burton’s sci-fi cult classic; ALMOST FAMOUS, a coming of age story conveying a pivotal time in the 70’s as the age of rock and roll is drawing to an end, and THE FALL, a tale of five mythical heroes is told in hospital by an injured stuntman to his fellow patient.

The festival is part of Mermaid’s mission to promote the arts for all, and their belief that through film, theatre, music, storytelling etc. we can find meaning and broaden our minds. All screenings will take place at Mermaid Arts Centre.

“With the glamour of the film industry, it’s easy to be distracted and forget the intense power of film. Film holds the possibility not just to transport us to other worlds but also to have an intensely transformative effect. Almost all of us have seen a film that fundamentally changed and altered our outlook and opinions. Films tell us a story, but it can be those stories that shed light on issues, narrate history, expose injustices and initiate social change” – Niamh O’Donnell, Artistic Director at Mermaid Arts Centre

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