WEBINAR: Introduction to Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is the subject of a free Webinar on Tuesday, 16th March 2021 (from 10 am to 12 pm) organised by Wicklow County Council and Wicklow Tourism Alliance.

The Webinar is aimed at helping Tourism Businesses in County Wicklow to start their journey to sustainability.

Sustainable tourism practices will help Wicklow businesses to be more cost and operations efficient and offer a great opportunity for growth while reducing the impact on the environment.

The webinar was set up to offer participants an understanding of sustainable tourism, how it can save money, reduce impact and improve reputation.

Speakers will include Roisin Finlay from Sustainable Travel Ireland who will present an introduction to sustainable tourism, what it means for the sector, how to measure progress and information on certification.

Marcus Treacy, General Manager of the Killarney Park Hotel, will present their sustainability journey and why they formed the Kerry Sustainable Group.

Finally, Simon Whelan representing the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland will talk about sustainable energy communities providing energy management support and a route to funding and grants.

Over the next 10 years, Ireland has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 50 per cent with a broader aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.  Like all industries, the Tourism sector will have to take actions if Ireland is to reach those targets.  Some businesses have already started their journey, and this webinar will present some examples and benefits of sustainable tourism.

Attractions, activities, accommodation, restaurants, pubs or shops, can all benefit from identifying the various opportunities available to help improve business efficiency while minimising the impact on the environment and resources.  Some measures will be cost-free while others will pay for themselves over time paying back on investment.

“Wicklow, as the Garden of Ireland, has the potential to become a strong eco-friendly destination” said Mr Frank Curran, Chief Executive,  Wicklow County Council, who added:   “This Webinar is very much a first step in  assisting  the Tourism industry to reduce their carbon footprint and help Wicklow to become a sustainable destination for residents and visitors alike .”

For further information on the Webinar, please log on to visitwicklow.ie (https://visitwicklow.ie/webinar-introduction-to-sustainable-tourism/) or send an email to info@visitwicklow.ie.


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