Road reconstruction in Enniskerry

Road reconstruction of roads at Glencree Road (L1011) and Waterfall Road (L1013) in the Enniskerry area have been completed. These roads are now fully open to traffic.

Road reconstruction has commenced on the Lackandarragh/Hostel Road(L5014), Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow between the Glencree Road and Knockree Youth Hostel. This section of road is expected to remain closed until  Tuesday 30th June.

Alternative Routes:

Curdlestown Upper to Knockree Hostel: Proceed eastwards on the L1011 Glencree Road; turn south onto the Annacrivey-Onagh Road and turn west onto the L5014, Lackendaragh Road

Knockree Hostel to Curdlestown Upper: Proceed eastwards on the L5014; turn north onto the Anacrivey-Onagh Road and turn west onto the L1011 Glencree Road.

Wicklow County Council apologises for any inconvenience caused.

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