All Ireland Kick Fada

September 26, 2015 1:00 pm Europe/Dublin

Bray Emmets GAA Club

The All-Ireland Kick Fada Championship is an annual tournament testing the skills of Ireland’s best Gaelic footballers. Fada is Irish for “long”. Up until 2012 the Kick Fada was sponsored by MBNA while the DAA will sponsor the event in 2013.

The tournament (first played in 2000) is held annually at Bray Emmets GAA club, County Wicklow. In 2012, 19 men and 22 women competed in the competition.

The competition starts at the 35 meter mark, with each contestant allowed 3 attempts to kick the ball over the bar.

Each contestant can kick from their hands, off the ground or drop-kick the ball. If a contestant fails to kick the ball over the bar in the 3 attempts they are eliminated from the competition.

Rounds proceed with the successful contestant from the previous round kicking with the distance increased by a further 5 meters.

Whoever can score a point from the furthest distance is the winner. There are separate competitions for men and women.

As part of the Kick Fada, famous GAA stars and legends of the past are inducted into the “Hall of Fame”