Feed the Swans

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There is a thriving colony of mute swans who have taken up residence in Bray! These beautiful creatures can be spotted relaxing and swimming about the harbour. A fond pastime of many locals is feeding these magnificent birds. Feeding the swans can be a nice ending to a relaxing stroll along the Promenade and fun for the whole family. Swans enjoy brown or wholemeal bread or even green vegetables. Take note that these are wild birds and can be quite fierce if frightened or provoked. Young children should be carefully supervised when feeding the swans.

swans feeding tips

Text taken from: www.petethevet.com/wp/bray-swan-sanctuary/

After feeding the swans why not take a stroll along the harbour wall, from the end you will see magnificent views of the promenade and Bray Head. Looking north you can see Dublin Bay and Dalkey Island.

Just beyond the harbour wall to the north, when the tide is extremely low Bray’s hidden wonder emerges. The Petrified Forest is the remains of a 6000 year old forest; due to the way the wood preserved in has literally been turned to stone. This amazing wonder shows us how different the coastline was in the past, and we are lucky to have this tangible example of the past right on our doorsteps.