Bray Sailing Club celebrates “Sixty Years A-Growing”

On 15th September Bray Sailing Club will celebrate 60 years as a modern sailing club. While there has been recreational sailing and racing organised in Bray since the second half of the 19thcentury the modern club is based at the harbour since 1958.

Announcing the celebrations, Commodore Declan Lavelle said: “We are not only delighted to celebrate a great and successful past sixty but we are also looking forward to being an important part of the Bray Community for many years to come”

Reflecting on the past 60 years Declan said: “It is hard to comprehend the amount of change we have gone through since we started in a timber hut near the railway line in 1958. Back then we had at most three nationalities represented in the club, today we have twelve. Back then only people who could afford to buy/build their own boats could fully participate, Today due to the generosity of our members and grants from Sports Capital Programme and Wicklow Co Co we have been able to buy boats and equipment that enables us to make sailing available to all.

We are one of the few sailing clubs growing its adult membership and most of this growth is coming from the local Bray community. We provide a range of training courses to introduce adults to sailing and to develop their skills. Please contact

We are particularly pleased with the growth in interest by young people. Each year we deliver approximately 1,500 days of training to hundreds of 9 to 18-year-olds in our Junior training courses. In addition from May to September, we have our Pico club in which up to 50 juniors participate every weekend.

We have also been able, to extend our reach in the community by supporting Bray Lakers. This is done through the generosity of our young instructors who give their time to organise events for Lakers”.

Trustee and PRO Mark Henderson said: “the success of the club to date is based on being a family club run by volunteers. This is underscored by the fact that we have a number of families where three generations are involved in the club. The club has always aspired to achieve the highest standards and we were/are the nursery where many sailors learned and honed their skills on their way to national and international renown. In 2017 we were awarded the accolade of East Coast Training Centre of the Year by the Irish Sailing Association which is a recognition of our commitment to high standards and the enthusiasm of our trainers.

Commodore Declan continued “we are very heartened by the Municipal District Council’s commitment to developing the Harbour facilities which will enable greater use of the harbour by all. We see this development as having very positive benefits not only for harbour users but also for visitors by land and sea and very importantly the total community. We welcome new members to join us in taking advantage of these new developments. Information on website or email us at

All members and former members are welcome to our celebrations on 15thSept. Former members who have not been communicated should contact



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