Bray Camera Club 2020 exhibition

The members of Bray Camera Club have announced an exhibition of photographs coming to the Signal Arts Centre in January 2020. Since its foundation in 1971, Bray Camera Club has provided a forum for its members (an eclectic mix of amateurs, professionals and competition prizewinners) to learn from and support one another in improving their photographic skills and developing their creativity.

The Club members use a variety of photography equipment to collect images – from mobile phones to compact cameras and digital SLRs, to film and large format cameras.

The Club’s photography range incorporates all photographic disciplines: abstract, street, wildlife, landscape, studio, close-up and portrait photography are all explored.

Whenever the Club presents its work to the public, all members are encouraged to display the best of their photography and with a wide variety of photographic disciplines being showcased, this exhibition is sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in photography or even just a curious eye. The exhibition will run from 6th-19th January. All are welcome to attend. Opening Reception Friday 10th January 7 pm – 9 pm.




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